Scrap Metal Recycling Facility serving Kent, Auburn, & all of Western Washington

Our scrap metal recycling center is open to the general public and commercial accounts six days per week. Binford Metals buys scrap metal and offers top prices for all recycled scrap metals from aluminum to zinc.

Binford Metals has scaling capability for as little as 1 pound, and an 80 foot truck scale with a capacity of 120,000 pounds for those big loads. Our onsite electro magnet can easily unload large loads of scrap steel, and forklifts with rotating forks can dump your barrels and bins.

For scrap metal price quotes or questions about how we buy scrap metal and scrap metal recycling, please contact our office at (253) 854-8000, or email inquiries to

Accepted Scrap Metals:

  • Aluminum scrap metal

  • Brass scrap metal

  • Bronze scrap metal

  • Copper scrap metal/ Insulated copper scrap metal

  • Diecast (pot metal) scrap metal

  • Electric motor scrap

  • High temperature alloys

  • Inconel

  • Radiators

  • Stainless steel scrap metal

  • Scrap iron and steel

  • Appliances (some restrictions apply)

  • Zinc scrap metal

  • Propane and other pressurized tanks if the valve has been removed and the tank is crushed or cut in half

Unacceptable Items:

  • Un-drained engines and transmissions (oil filters and pans must be removed in order to receive payment)

  • Appliances containing CFC (refrigerators and alike)

  • Un-drained lawnmowers and small engines (oil and gas and batteries must be removed)

  • Paint cans or containers that contained pesticides, etc.

  • Compressors, capacitors and mercury switches from appliances.

  • Light fixture ballasts with PCBs

  • Scrap that contains asbestos or other hazardous waste.

  • TVs, computer monitors, keyboards and printers

  • Non metallics such as tires, wood, concrete, glass, plastic, dirt or garbage.


In accordance with state law Binford Metals requires valid ID on all scrap metal transactions and we record all license plates of vehicles that deliver scrap.

We do not buy stolen metal and reserve the right to turn away anything in question.

Your information will not be used or sold for any other purpose than prescribed by state law.