45 Years of Metal Recycling & Auto Wrecking

Binford Metals is a family owned and operated metal recycling and auto wrecking business serving the Northwest. Over the years, the container business has been finely tuned, and a full service metal recycling center was opened to meet the specific needs of our customers and community. In 2002, the auto wrecking segment of our business was added, and it continues to grow each year and provide valuable parts and services to our customers.

The Binford’s believe in family values, and apply the same commitment they have for one another, to their business and customers. So when times are tough and metals are down, you will have no better friend than Binford Metals.

We at Binford also believe in supporting the community. The community has given their business to us and we have grown over the past few years and are excited to give back through our donation program.