Full Service Metal Recycling & Auto Wrecking

Binford Metals provides full-service metal recycling and auto wrecking. Established in 1973, Binford Metals, LLC, is located in Kent, Washington, and services King County and the surrounding communities.

Binford Metals offers a wide range of industrial services, including container pick-up and recycling programs for both small and large organizations. Binford has become popular with commercial accounts and the general public, with our competitive pricing, attractive recycling bins, fast service, and payments for our valued clientele.

Binford Metals buys and sells cars, auto parts and offers a helpful pick up service. Our recycling drop-off center accepts most metal products, from aluminum cans to copper and brass.

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Covid-19 Alert

Due to Covid-19, Binford Metal Recycling is closed to the public. Binford Auto Wrecking remains open. All locations will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. We will do our best to maintain a metal drop-off bin at our entrance gate for public donations. We encourage people to stay home and stay safe.